Urban Platform Architects and Planners is an innovative and dynamic, youth owned firm, providing a variety of built environment services; including Urban Design, Town Planning and Professional Architectural Design and Consultation Services.

We recognise the need for contemporary solutions to challenges within the built environment, but also acknowledge the value of history and experience in every aspect of the design process.  Through the integration of the most current technology and concepts we desire to promote positive interaction between the spaces we create and the people that utilise them.

The company was created to respond to the growing needs of the Clients of today. We make use of the latest available technology to simplify the architectural process thereby providing a quality, interactive experience for Clients. We understand that in the built environment “space matters”. Regardless of project constraints or complexity we will always strive to create original, innovative, sustainable and beautiful spaces.

The company comprises of two Principal Members and multiple resources; Mithasha Mistrey and Kelvin Gungaparsad. Urban Platform Architects and Planners is categorised as a ‘Youth Owned Company’ as the principal members are classified as Youth (in terms of the National Youth Development Framework 2002 and the National Youth Commission Act, 1996 - No. 19 of 1996). Both members have more than 15 years combined working experience within the built environment and are both registered members of their various disciplines governing bodies and have worked on numerous healthcare, commercial and residential projects in both the public and private sector.



Mithasha Mistrey (Principal)
- Professional Architect

Kelvin Gungaparsad (Director)
- Professional Town and Regional Planner
- Candidate Architect

Wavell Chimango
- Professional Architect

Felicity Maduna
- Architectural Technologist

Irshaad Dala
- Architectural Technologist

Priyanka Naidoo
- Administrator

July 07, 2017

Why should you work with us?

‣ The attention and expertise of a multi-disciplinary team
‣ The requisite in-house technical resources.
‣ The latest hardware and software.
‣ Assistance from project conception, through to project documentation.
‣ 2D plans.
‣ 3D plans.
‣ High resolution renders (which can be used for marketing purposes).
‣ 3D models
‣ Computer models.
‣ Final stage submission drawings.
‣ Energy simulations and calculations.
‣ Clash detection (allowing us to streamline the construction process)
‣ Our Built Environment Experience / Services
‣ Architecture
‣ Project Management
‣ Town and Regional Planning
‣ Urban Design
‣ Urban Planning
‣ Project Execution
‣ Feasibility Studies ( allowing Clients to manage their risk)
‣ Graphic Design
‣ Project Presentations

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